At Figaro Hair Salon we offer exceptional service, and the top styling in Toronto, and believe the top hair styling and top coloring in Toronto does not need to cost an arm and a leg. The Figaro Salon experience is affordable Luxury Hair service for those who is looking for new hairstyling trends and want to stand out from the crowd.


women cut on short hair

Unique innovative haircutting techniques that we developed and use allow popular classic short hairstyles to be modernized in the most fabulous manner. We recommend to refresh short length haircut once every 4-5 weeks

women cut on medium hair

Medium length hairstyles became so popular and ladies of all ages love to wear them as they look great and can... soften the facial features creating a very feminine and sophisticated look. We recommend to be trimmed every 5-6 weeks.

women cut on long hair

For those ladies who love their long hairs we offer unique innovative hair cutting techniques that will transform your natural hair beauty to a next level. We recommend to be trimmed every 8-10 weeks.

men haircut

We offer classic and fashion haircuts for men desire. We recommend to refresh man haircut once every 3-5 weeks...

men reshade

Men reshade grey blending is the Most Masculine way to reduce your grey hairs! Four (4) masculine cool ash tones.

keratin treatment

All Keratin Treatments are specially formulated to contain natural keratin protein, which rebuilds, restores and rejuvenates all types... of hair

hair extensions

Do you have a thin or a fine hair and dreaming about lengthy dimensional hairs? Our professional hair extension artist will... transform your hairs with new sophisticated look

thermal cut

The thermo scissors help restore the health of damaged hair ends by using heat. The heated blade gives a clean cut on hair and seals the... cuticle (membrane), eliminating split ends and frizz.

Color Correction

Trust your color challenge to professionals from Figaro. Advanced competions experience with real awards worldwide brings our team to the top level of hair coloring...

Hair Colouring


Permanent colours are used for roots touch ups, coverage of grey hair or color correction..


It sounds so French... The most popular and innovative coloring techniques for those who do not want to colour or blonde their hair completely..


Our colourist will do it properly, the brightened parts will fit in harmony with the given colour. Highlighted hair strands will not breaking the whole picture..


This color can range from a very pale blond (caused by a patchy distribution of eumelanin) to reddish "strawberry" blond colours or golden-brownish blond colours..


We deliver modern techniques of highlighting to our clientele by creating a very feminine and sophisticated look...

Air Touch

Must Have Hair Trend in 2019 now available at Figaro salon. Latest highlighting technique from Europe now in Toronto...


Select an Iron or Tong Finish, Bridal Updo with Veil, Retro Style Updo, Hair Side Updo or Bridal Loose Updo for your wedding.


Professional Hair Stylists offer deep conditioning, hot oil, hair glossing, keratin, split ends, olaplex and deep protein treatments.


Trust your permanent wave to us! We are trusted perm experts in Toronto.

Layered Hair Styles

Short Layers haircut

The stylish look and the low maintenance boosts this hairstyles popularity to the top.

Medium Length Layers haircut

Need to be trimmed every 4-6 weeks. Short hair styles became so popular and ladies of all ages love to wear them as they look great and can... soften the facial features creating a very feminine and sophisticated look.

Long Layered haircut

Wanting long layered hair? Looking to upgrade your look? Check out layered hairstyles for long hair done by Figaro team!

Elegant Updos

Select Slick or Top Knot Hair Updo, Crown Braid, Low Chingnon Updo, Messy Updo or bring your ideas to our updo specialist.