Figaro Hair Salon provides outstanding hair coloring, graduated cutting, keratin treatment, perms for both women and men, balayage, hair contouring, color correction services, hot scissors service, and top-notch styling in Toronto, GTA. We firmly believe that top-quality hair styling and coloring in Toronto don't have to come with a hefty price tag. At Figaro Salon, we offer an affordable luxury hair service, ensuring you experience the epitome of style without breaking the bank.


thermal cut

Revitalize damaged hair ends with our Thermal Hot Cuts featuring thermo scissors. The heated blade ensures a clean cut, sealing the cuticle and eliminating split ends and frizz. Experience the transformative benefits of this innovative approach to maintaining healthy and beautiful hair.

Hair Colouring


Choose elegance for your wedding day with our exquisite wedding hair services. Opt for a polished Iron or Tong Finish, a timeless Bridal Updo with Veil, a chic Retro Style Updo, a sophisticated Hair Side Updo, or a romantic Bridal Loose Updo to complement your bridal style.


Elevate your style with our versatile Updo options. Choose from a sleek Slick or Top Knot Hair Updo, a regal Crown Braid, a classic Low Chignon Updo, or a relaxed Messy Updo. Alternatively, collaborate with our Updo specialist to bring your unique ideas to life.


Revitalize your hair with our expert hair treatments. From nourishing masks to rejuvenating therapies, our salon offers a range of specialized treatments to enhance the health, shine, and resilience of your hair.