Ombre, Sombre & Bronde Highlights

Here at Figaro salon we are offering new hair colouring trends - Ombre Highlights, Sombre Highlights and Bronde Highlights.

We do have more images of our clients with advanced hair coloring under Gallery section of our web site.

Hair coloring trends come and go every season and these highlights trends will stay longer!

Ombre Highlights

This type a modern technique of highlighting in which a smooth or clearly pronounced transition (depending on the client's desire) from the darker hair colour to lighter shades occurs. In some cases the shade reaches the platinum blonde. Suitable for those customers who want to gradually return to the natural colour of hair or decide to radically change their image.

When using this technique, it is very important to achieve smooth colour transitions, in which the border between dark and light is blurred without visible lines

Ombre is a very convenient technique for those who like to experiment with colours: with the help of preparations for toning on previously lightened hair, you can constantly create new shades, without further damaging your hair.

  • It is not recommended for ultrashort haircuts (pixie cut), short bob, as well as after a permanent wave (perm)
  • Use professional hair care products for blond hair at home

Sombre Highlights

Other modern technique of hair highlighting in which only individual strands are lightened, producing a smooth color transitions from dark blond to light blond, which achieves the effect of "sun kissed" hair. This method is recommended for those clients who want to diversify hair colour without dramatic changes.

  • Ideal for hair of any length: from short bobs to long cascading (layered) haircuts. Also looks great on the haircuts of the same length (blend cut)
  • Ideal for natural blondes
  • Use professional hair care products for blond hair at home

Bronde Highlights

Bronde (blonde for brunetts) - a modern technique of colouring hair in which the colour transition is carried out horizontally along the entire length with the help of several close to each other color shades. The main task of the colour technician when performing staining in this technique is to create smooth colour transitions, in which the coloured hair will look as natural as possible, smoothly "flowing" from colour to colour.

Bronde is ideal for those customers who want to preserve the main colour and make it more vibrant and dynamic without sharp contrasts, but at the same time playing with` a variety of soft shades with strands.

  • Bronde is an ideal option for brunettes and brown-haired women. Easy to care for and holds the created colour effect for a long time
  • Bronde is not recommended for blonde hair, because on blondes this effect looks inexpressive
  • Bronde is not suitable in the case of having more than 30% grey hair without colouring the roots

Once again, I would like to remind you that only a regular visit to our Figaro salon for a timely haircut and coloring, as well as use of professional hair care products for coloured hairs at home will make your hair beautiful & evoking enthusiastic looks.

Yours Truly, Elena - Figaro Salon Art Director & Principal Stylist.

Icy Blonde Ombre Highlights Hair by Figaro Salon
Icy Blonde Ombre Highlights Hair by hair experts
Icy Blonde Ombre Highlights Hair by Figaro Team
Icy Blonde Ombre Highlights FIGARO Hair salon
Platinum blonde Ombre Highlights by Figaro Team
blonde for Brunets, Soft blonde, blonde Highlights for Brunet done by figaro salon
Red highlights for Brunets, Red Ombre Highlights for Brunet done by figaro salon
Soft Caramel Highlights done by figaro salon
Soft Caramel Highlights Straight Hair done by figaro salon
Soft Ombre Dark Hair done by figaro salon
Ombre Hair Brown to Soft Caramel Medium Lengthdone by figaro salon
Soft Light Brown Ombre Hair, Medium Length done by figaro salon
Sombre Highlights by Figaro Hair Salon Toronto
Sombre Highlights by Figaro Hair Salon Toronto
Sombre Highlights by Figaro Hair Salon Toronto
Sombre Highlights by Figaro Hair Salon Toronto
Sombre Highlights by Figaro Hair Salon Toronto
Sombre Highlights by Figaro Hair Salon Toronto
Sombre Highlights by Figaro Hair Salon Toronto
Sombre Highlights by Figaro Hair Salon Toronto

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If you considering to do an advanced highlights at one of the leading hair salon in Toronto it would be better for you to come for the professional consultation first. You will discuss with Figaro professional stylist not only what you want (send us the pictures) but what you don't want.

We are doing best Ombre, Sombre and Bronde Highlights in Toronto

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Excellent service! I went in for a trim and color treatment, and left with a wonderfully layered cut and balayage highlights! I was pleased with the care taken by staff, especially with Amandine, who treated and styled my hair, and also with the owner, who encouragingly checked in. Both women had a very pleasant disposition! Thank you very much for your time and talent :)

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Amazing!!! They are totally professional, very honest people, sweet, friendly and again SO PROFESSIONAL!! they save my hair, my hair feel like new, don't think twice, if you are looking for a great hair style, color and cut, this is the place, I am very grateful.

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My wife and I stumbled on this gem a month ago, with the reviews alone we decided to check it out and get a consultation.

From what we received from Elena we were very impressed (when doing your research and been to how many salons...'you'd be surprised' this place was the most knowledgeable/polite for us). From just 1 meeting she figured out my wife's hair along with complete honesty of what its going to take to fix it 'which is really what we are looking for.' We ended up coming back after 3 weeks (BOOK EARLY/ASAP! they are SUPER BUSY!), Elena and her team did an AMAZING JOB!! with my wife's hair (after a few salons couldn't get it right..)

My wife is so trilled with the professional care of 'Service' and 'Results' that she has received. They were ever so gentle and caring. This team of wonderful talented artists take their time in perfecting their work and you can tell that they take a lot of pride in what they do. We're very thankful and grateful for their kind hospitality and honesty.

Thank you Elena and team!

We shall be seeing you soon!

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I came to Figaro to get blond highlights done. My hair was a complete disaster. It was damaged but worse of all the colour needed lots of correction. The staff at Figaro were great. I can't believe they saved my hair from the disaster it was in. I was so happy with the service. They took their time but above all did an amazing job. My hair looks perfect. So hard to get a salon that will do an amazing blond job. Figaro did it. I am definitely coming back!

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Unfortunately my hair was way overdue for some tlc - I wanted warm blonde hilites for the summer, I showed a pic to Lena and Tamara and after some meticulous,skillful,patient work - POOF! perfectly, soft, beautiful and most of all stronger hair with warm blonde hilites.

Can’t wait to return, great experience and very friendly and professional staff.

Thank you ladies love it.

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My first visit to Figaro was for a colour correction; another salon gave me blonde highlights I did not like and they gave me a hard time when I asked to have it fixed. I am so happy I chose Figaro, I am so pleased with the results! Lina assessed my hair, gave me quite a few options for correction, and then not only corrected my hair colour with a beautiful balayage/toner over blonde highlights, she also trimmed my hair to get rid of the choppy haircut I received (the cut started as just a quick fix, but she ended up cutting/styling it amazingly and for no charge). Throughout the process, Lina explained everything to me before she proceeded, which I really appreciated. Her and the rest of the crew treated me to coffee and chocolates and lastly, and this might just be my preference, but Lina always addressed me by my name, not 'hun, sweetie' or other terms of endearments, but by my name and it really made me feel like she was there for me, saw me as a person she wanted to help and not just another client. Thank you Lina and Figaro, I am absolutely calling you my salon of choice and so far, the best I have visited in Toronto!

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This place has been nothing but pleasant! I have had excellent service from not only my stylist himself, but also the others involved. I gpt my hair dyed a new colour (ombre balayage) and the result has exceeded my expectations. It took roughly 2 hours give or take to get the style done and it was worth the wait. I arrived an hour early for my appointment and only had about 8 mins of waiting time. I was able to get it done earlier. Great service! Excellent!

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Today, I had my hair done at Figaro Hair Salon by Lina and Elena. Lina is a professional hair stylist did a very good job by doing balayage and laminate for my hair. About a month ago, I've had a bad experience at another place where my hair colour end up completely wrong. So, I went to see Elena ( Art director) at Figaro Salon and asked her to fix the mistake. Elena took very professional approach advising it to be done in a few steps avoiding damagiing my hair. Elena and Lina work as a team. Elena has a very good esthetic taste and can give unique professional advice. I am very happy with the result.

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I have been to this salon a few times and have always had a good experience. Great people, friendly atmosphere and wonderful service [not to mention the fantastic coffee and treats :)]. Today I had my brown roots and blonde highlights done by Lina. I have been experiencing some hair health issues lately and Lina was so considerate, gentle and reassurring. I received beautiful platinum blonde highlights without any damage. It turned out exactly as the picture I showed. The cut was perfect, as was the style. It has been a while since I've been this pleased with my hair and how my hair was dealt with. Thank you Lina ... you are an absolute sweetheart and I am very pleased and happy with my hair!

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I have been getting my hair done at the Figaro salon for over 10 years now. It is operated by the owner Elena, who has lots of hairstyling and hair coloring experience. She probably won every single award under the sun! All her staff are very knowledgeable and a couple of years ago I had a pleasure of meeting Lina. She has years of hair styling experience on her own. Whether you are looking for creative ideas for coloring / cut /styles that would best suit you or have something specific in mind she is your kind of gal. With her we have maintained different styles which I loved but we also experimented with some new ones. She is a gem, I have never been disappointed and I am pleased to share my experience with her work. I am posting some of the coloring we did recently. Sorry as it turned out I didn't take many pictures of my hair alone!

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I have been a customer for a couple of years and I have found the quality and customer service to be excellent.

I rarely have to wait to be seated and I can't say that of any other hair salon --and I am always a few minutes early!

As for the customer service, you can't ask for a more friendly atmosphere.

Seriously the best place I have ever been.

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I came to Figaro salon today for a haircut with Lina. She was styling another lady with beautiful long wavy hair.

It looks really amazing. Lina is very kind and understanding. She did a very cute and chic A- line Bob for me.

I couldn't be any happier to find a hairstylist who cuts in so much detail (truly a perfectionist). Thank you so much for the pleasant service!

The other clients also have beautiful haircuts and colors with other stylists. They are very passionate and artistic. I highly recommend this place

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