Permanent Wave Services for Ladies

We are offering following types of permanent wave (commonly called a perm or "permanent")- Permanent Wave Perm, Soft Wave Perm, Artistic Perm, Natural Looking Perm, Body Wave Perm, Spiral Perm and Digital Perm.

Enjoy images on our site! They are 100% salon works done by our Team. We do have more recent images with our perm works done before Covid under Gallery section of our web site. Click Here to see our latest clientele with permanent waving done.

If you are looking for a men's Perm ideas click Here to see our latest works with permanent waving done for men.

Are You a Good Candidate for a Perm?

Perms work best on hair that has not been coloured or highlighted. The chemicals are too harsh for double-processed or heavily highlighted hair. Perming hair that's already been chemically treated from highlights or colour can cause frizz.

If you have dry hair or loads of short layers, you are not the best candidate for a perm. Perms will dry hair out even more and a perm on short, layered hair could end up poodle-like. Not sure if your hair is a good candidate for a perm? Ask Figaro Salon perm experts. You'll want to tell them every chemical process your hair has been through in the last couple of years.

How Long Does a Perm Take?

Perms take one to two hours, depending on how long your hair is. Our stylist will apply a single chemical solution to break the structural bonds in your hair, and another one called a "neutralizer". Also keep in mind, a perm takes 28 hours to relax. It means you can not shampoo your hair for 2 days.

How Long Does a Perm Last?

Most perms generally last for about 2-6 months. Body foam perm will last for about 4-6 weeks.

Prep Your Hair for the Perm!

You don’t need to prepare your hair for a perm. We will do it for you when you come according to the perm solution type.

The Size of the Rod Matters!

The tightness of the curl depends on the size of the rod and the length of time the solution stays in. If you're worried you'll end up with too tight curls, ask our stylist to show you the types of rods she is using.

How to Find a Stylist who experienced with perm?

Not all stylists do perms these days, and you don't want one who doesn't do them on a semi-regular basis. We suggest calling salons and asking if they have someone who specializes in perms. If you decide to come to Figaro salon, please, contact Lina or Elena. Those ladies are the most experienced professional hairstylits to have a perm with. They both had an european education specializing in ladies hairstyles.

What to Bring to Your Appointment?

We recommend to bring a picture(s) of the type of wave you like. Just telling your stylist what kind of curl leaves you in jeopardy of getting super-duper tight ringlets. Our salon perm experts can control the amount of wave they give you as well as the the part of the hair they want to perm. We would not recommend to have a perm if you are pregnant or having your period. Results would be unpredictable.

We do have more recent images with our perm works done recently under following Link which is located at Gallery section of our site.

Body perm on short Hair done by Lina 2022 figaro salon
Body Perm Short Hair
Spiral perm on Long Hair done by Lina 2022 figaro salon
Spiral Perm 2022 on Long Hair
Spiral perm on Long Hair done by Lina 2021 figaro salon
Spiral Perm Long Hair
Light Brown color, cut w. body perm done by figaro salon 2021
Light Brown color w. body perm
bob haircut w red color and body perm done by figaro salon
Red color, Bob cut w. body perm
Spiral perm on Long asian Hair done by 2020 figaro salon
Spiral Perm Long Asian Hair
Spiral perm on Long asian Hair done 2020 figaro salon
Spiral Perm Long Asian Hair
Spiral perm on Long Hair done by Lina 2019 figaro salon
Spiral Perm Long Hair
bob haircut and body perm done by figaro salon
Bob cut with body perm
Regular Perm done by Best Hair Salon In Toronto
Regular permanent waving
Spiral Permanent wave done by Best Hair Salon In Toronto
Spiral Permanent Waving
Spiral Permanent done by Best Hair Salon In Toronto
Spiral Perming
Body Wave Perm best in Toronto
Body Permanent waving
Body Wave Permanent done by Figaro Team
Body Wave Perm
Spiral Permanent wave done by Best Hair Salon In Toronto
Spiral Perm
Spiral Permanent done by Best Hair Salon In Toronto
Spiral Permanent waving
Body Wave Permanent done by Figaro Team
Body Wave Perm
Spiral Permanent wave done by Best Hair Salon In Toronto
Spiral Perm

Book a Consultation into your Appointment!

It would be better for you to come for the professional consultation first. Perm is very popular in 2020 and 2021. We do perm on asian hair too! You will discuss with our stylist not only what you want (show the pictures) but what you don't want (i.e. the crimp-like curls of the 80s).

We are doing best permanent waving on any hair type!

Call us at 1-416-913-6533 today to get your perm service done in Toronto at leading Hair Salon!

Get Perm Solution at Figaro Hair Salon

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Phone: 1-416-913-6533

Email: [email protected]


I wanted to get a wavy perm and consulted them. They asked questions and understood my requirements. They guided me well and clarified on what to expect. I liked how they took time to hear and understand what I was looking for. The results were amazing! I did be visiting them again for further hair treatment

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Really good :) I was at first upset because my hair had not turned out the way I wanted, but on my second visit Elena transformed my hair and also taught me how to style it on my own. They patiently explained that a perm is used to achieve a texture and aid the style, but that the look would inevitably still require a little work and maintenance. I appreciated the information and help. - Vi/Vio

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I brought my son here for a Perm, and Lina did an amazing job. It was exactly how we wanted it! Would definitely recommend this place for perms. Everyone is very friendly!

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Went to salon to get perm and it came out so good. Workers were really nice and the salon it self was really nice!

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Highly recommend. Professional, experienced and nice. Service I got - perm.

I have looked for an expert opinion on the hair perm I have gotten at a top salon in Ottawa. (Moved from Toronto to Ottawa a few months ago). To my pleasant surprise Elena contacted me right away and based on the pics I have sent her she provided me with tips I need to style my hair. It has been clear to me from the very first words exchanged that Elena is a master at her craft with high professional standards and a lot of care for the customers. That gave me assurance that I am in the right hands so much so that I would take the trip to Toronto to have my hair styled at this salon. I cannot praise enough Elena and hardly wait to get my hair done at her salon.

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I am very satisfied with my spiral perm and this is my second time visiting the salon. They are definitely the best in town. Lina is amazing doing the perm, she understands exactly how I want it and I enjoy very much talking to Elena, she is very talented and knowledgeable. I am surprised that they keep detail records of my previous hair treatment, the whole experience with them is wonderful !

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I got my 2nd perm at Figaro and Lina is such an expert at her craft! She cares about her work and she is very sincere, caring, and humble. I loved my experience with Figaro both times, she made the 3-5 hour appointments more than bearable and the entire atmosphere of the salon is so welcoming and family-like. I waited 10 months in between perms and it still looked natural and curly. You pay for the quality of their work and it is definitely worth it!

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Lina might be one of my favourite people in the world. She does an AMAZING job to tend to the customer while listening to how you want your hair to look. Came in to get my second perm and decided to do tighter curls this time. She made sure not to have my hair damaged at all. Came out beautifully and soft! Gave me incredible layers and the perfect short length for my face shape. Makes me feel so confident about my hair and how healthy it looks! I can honestly say that I could move halfway across the world and I would still only trust Lina with my hair. Thank you!

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I wanted to wait a few days for my permed hair to settle before writing this review. My curls look fabulous! Will definitely be going back for other services.

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I have been getting my hair permed since 2013 and this was my BEST experience! Worth every penny, they explain everything, make sure you're ok every step of the way, and Elena is SO FUNNY! Best curls ever! Thank you so much!!! From SHAKIRA SHAKIRA xo

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