Hairstyles for men

Here at Figaro salon we are offering following hairstyles for gentlemen - Spyky Top with mid or low Fade, Cowlick Hair, Scizzors Over Comb, Textured Hairstyles for Fine hair, Pompadour Haircut, Combined Long-Short Hairstyles, Grey Comb Over with Hard Part, Haircut for thick Wavy Hair, Platinum Blonde Fade, Cool Textured Bangs, Dyed Hairstyles and Tapered Undercut Style.

Check our models gallery for the gentlemen’s hair styles and trends. Bring your dream picture to the salon, or look through hundreds of hair magazines from all over the world at Figaro Salon.

Any dream can come true at Figaro Salon! The Figaro Salon experience is affordable luxury.

Do you plan to color, do permanent waving or looking for a special men`s grey hair color treatment? We offer Service to Cover Grey Hair. The biggest problem of men's hair comes with age - hair loss. This problem requires men even at a young age to take care of their hair to delay the effect of dissipating hairline as long as possible. Ask our stylist and check at Under this Link special hair care products available at our salon. We are Perm experts in Toronto and offer Permanent waving for men. Satisfaction garanteed!

Men's Spiky Hairstyle
Men's Spiky Hairstyle
Slick side part Hairstyle men
Slick side part Hairstyle men by Figaro Salon Toronto
Pompadour Men Hairstyle by Figaro Salon Toronto
Pompadour side part fade men hair cut
Pompadour side part fade men hair cut
Men's Short Hair Cut
Classic casual Hairstyle for men
silver ash blond color man
hair color for man Salon Toronto
Man hairstyle for Thick Hair

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I brought my son here for a Perm, and Lina did an amazing job. It was exactly how we wanted it! Would definitely recommend this place for perms. Everyone is very friendly!

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Went to salon to get perm and it came out so good. Workers were really nice and the salon it self was really nice!

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Had a wonderful experience here for my first perm. I was explained every step of the process and led me to feeling comfortable throughout the experience and confident of the result. The result was better then I imagined for getting a perm and will be for sure returning. Amazing experience for any guys looking for a perm

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I needed a haircut today and most places required booking but Figaro Hair was really nice and able to fit me in their tight schedule.. My stylist was great and understand what I wanted.. I was in a rush so I didn’t get a chance to get her name.. Overall great service!

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Wow! Figaro really did an amazing job with my hair ! I came in with for a perm and Lina absolutely did an amazing job with it! i definitely recommend people to come to this place. The customer service is exceptional. I look forward to doing more things with this salon.

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Lina did an amazing job on my hair, she is definitely the best!

Ethan is a great man. I have difficult hair and have gotten many not so good haircuts. This man is a wizard with his clippers fading my hair to perfection and his scissors over comb skills are out of this world Thanks dude

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Absolutely spot on customer service, through explanations prior to the process, all the staff are extra friendly and from their methods to their tools they hold a very high standard. Will be coming here for all my hair needs.

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Very helpful staff, instantly helped me choose from a vague idea that I had and mold it into great looking hair, gave useful and insightful tips for personal hair care and products. Would definitely recommend anyone who needs a little direction in the hair department!

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Thank you to Lina and the amazing staff at Figaro. The place is calm and inviting and Lina gave me the best haircut I've had in months. She understood what I was looking for, and worked her magic! Very friendly people and overall an amazing experience. I will definitely be back and highly recommend Figaro for all your hair styling needs, especially for people that care about how they look and want to show the world their best side!

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Very good stylists, make me happy every visit.

Reffed a bunch of people and everyone loved it as well.

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