Hairstyles for long length Hair

Here at Figaro salon we are offering following haircuts suitable for ladies with long length hairs - Bangs for long hair, Asymmetrical Layered Haircut, Textured or ragged Layered Haircut and Classic Layered Haircut.

We do have more images of our clients with long length hairstyles under Gallery section of our web site.

Hairstyles with Bangs for Long Length Hair

The bang (fringe) has been and will always be in fashion. Nowdays the form of bangs has no limitations. It can be straight and long, it can be above the line of eyebrows and laid on top, or it can be smoothly flowing to the side. The choice is always yours. Straight heavy bangs fit almost any haircut on long hair, the main thing is that its length must be properly matched to your individual features. A short fringe will create an image of "retro", providing chic and charm. A long, flowing bang is suitable for ladies with a round or triangular type of face. Thanks to a bang, you can adjust the balance by giving the face a perfect oval. Despite the diversity of bangs, the favorite of this season is still a thick heavy bang, performed in the technique of "blunt cut" strictly up to the line of eyebrows. There is one trick that will help almost all ladies who wants to wear a bang. If you have a round, square or triangular face shape, then you are probably familiar with the belief that a &qout;thick bang&qout; is not your option. But this is not quite true, if you decide on a continuous straight bang, the central strands should be textured so that the forehead is slightly visible, but the thickness of the bang can be increased closer to the temporal zone. Even when your bangs grow over time just below the eyebrows, a small amount of volume in front will prevent hair from entering your eyes. This is the option chosen by Jessica Bill, Nicole Richie, Olivia Wilde.

Another technique oftenly used for visual correction of the oval face is the so-called side (asymmetrical) styling. In this case, the bang should be divided into two unequal parts, the larger side of which is laid on its side. The length of the bang does not play any role here. It can be both above the eyebrow line, and much lower. The main thing is that the bangs are properly cut and fairly thick. A thin bang will not make any difference. Those with a round face preffer to wear bangs falling onto one side like Cameron Diaz and Emma Stone.

Asymmetrical Layered Haircut for Long Length

This haircut is performed according to the principles of classical layered haircutting (description above) only in this case the main asymmetrical accent will be given by the diagonal trimmed bangs whose length corresponds to the client's desire and also to the chosen style. Stylists create a multi-layered haircut with elongated front strands of hair in a chaotic manner. I recommend refreshing the asymmetrical layered haircut every 8 to 10 weeks.

Textured or ragged Layered Haircut for Long Hairs

In this technique, hair transitions are performed with a pronounced graduation. Sometimes small thin strands are specially cut off, to blend out heavy hair. This variant of the layered haircut is suitable for clients wishing to visually hide certain features, for example, cheekbones or an elongated oval face. A haircut in this technique is not recommended for clients with thin as well as not very thick hair. I recommend updating the textured layered haircut every 8 to 10 weeks.

Classic Layered Haircut for Long Length

This is the most popular kind of this hairstyle for long hairs. Here the layers have very smooth boundaries without pronounced outlines. Suitable for all types of hair without exception and is always fashionably relevant. I recommend refreshing the classic layered haircut every 8 to 10 weeks.

Once again, I would like to remind you that only a regular visit to the salon, a timely haircut (once every 8-10 weeks), as well as a correct and constant care will make your hair beautiful & evoking enthusiastic looks.

Yours Truly, Elena-Figaro Salon Art Director & Principal Stylist

Long Length Hair cut by Figaro Hair Salon Toronto
Layered Length Hair cut by Figaro Hair Salon Toronto
Long Hair Dark Chocolate Brawn color Figaro Hair Salon Toronto
Long Layers Sombre Blonde Streaks Figaro Hair Salon Toronto
Layered Length Hair cut by Figaro Hair Salon Toronto
Layered Length Hair cut by Figaro Hair Salon Toronto
Layered Length Hair cut by Figaro Hair Salon Toronto
Layered Length Hair cut by Figaro Hair Salon Toronto
Layered Length Hair cut by Figaro Hair Salon Toronto

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I asked for a rose gold balayage with ton of dimension and that is what i got! I am so happy with my new hair color :) Lina (i believe that was her name; very tall and long hair) was so patient. A lot of sectioning, blending and a lot of product for sure goes a long way. She always asked if i was Okay and offered me something to drink. My hair actually looks longer after leaving this salon :) and most importantly looks and feels healthy. It was pricey but i am super stoked to rock this and will def return for more crazy hair colors :)

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I am so happy I have found this place! After having my hair burned by another salon, I met Elena for a consultation and her experience, knowledge, talent and warmth made me at ease immediately. She knows what to do in every situation to give you an amazing color. I came back for my transformation a week later and Elena and Amandine were able to correct my color and work their magic on my hair. Not only do I have an amazing color but also a very modern look and cut. I am so happy I found them!

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I trust only this salon with my hair. Their balayage is exceptional with competitive prices!

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They are the best.

Wow. The owner and director is incredibly talented. She has real training from Europe. This place delivers celebrity worthy work at affordable (as affordable as it can be) prices.

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Figaro is an amazing hair salon! Elena is wonderful and makes you feel so incredibly welcome your first visit there. My stylist Amandine is very talented and wish I had discovered her sooner!

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Michelle did a wonderful job with my colour. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

Excellent service! I went in for a trim and color treatment, and left with a wonderfully layered cut and balayage highlights! I was pleased with the care taken by staff, especially with Amandine, who treated and styled my hair, and also with the owner, who encouragingly checked in. Both women had a very pleasant disposition! Thank you very much for your time and talent :)

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Had Brazilian straightening with Lina and can not express how professional, knowledgeable, honest, and skilled she is. She knows exactly what she is doing and will answer your questions as honestly as possible. Her work speaks for itself. I have extremely curly hair and am very happy with my results. I feel my hair is healthier, shinier, and easier to manage .Thank you Lina and to everyone at Figaro

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It was my very first time at this salon. I did a treatment called ''Brazilian Blowout''on Oct5th, 2018 with Amandine. She is a great stylist, very patient, takes her time, does a great job.I will definitely recommend her!...

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Lina is so funny and talented. I did a balayage with her this summer, unlike other places you don't get any damage or dry feeling following the dye. I really enjoyed her service and will return to go even lighter :)

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I was long overdue for a hair cut and color but was procrastinating to go as other salons couldn't provide me with a convenient time.

Prior to the booking I had a hair cut consultation with the owner of the Salon Lena who answered all my questions and provided the best suggestions for the hair coloring and booked my appointment right the next day. I had a wonderful hair cut and Balayage coloring done at Figaro Hair Salon on May 5. Lina was the hair dresser who did a fantastic job! The haircut is very manageable and exactly what I needed. The coloring was done to perfection with the shades I wanted ( ...and I am very picky ). I waited for three weeks to post an honest review as I wanted to see how my hair would 'behave' and I am very thrilled about the final results. Thank you to the team at Figaro hair salon who made my hair look amazing and manageable. I highly recommend.

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I went to Figaro a couple of months back and received quite a few treaments, I got my hair ombréd and the next day went back for a kerasilk treatment because I was going to travel and had very frizzy hair in humidity! My experience was amazing Elena and Lina were the woman who worked their magic on me!! The espresso machine was a god sent and snacking on coco sticks was even better!! And the work they do and knowledge is crazy I learned so much about my hair and for a first time at a Toronto hair salon I was extremely impressed I cant wait to go back and my hair is still silky smooth even after my trip and the colour is amazing!! ❤️❤️❤️

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Amazing!!!!!!!!!! They are totally professional, very honest people, sweet, friendly and again SO PROFESSIONAL!! they save my hair, my hair feel like new, don't think twice, if you are looking for a great hair style, color and cut, this is the place, I am very grateful

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Lina always transforms my hair to styles I even do not have a clue for my hair texture and colour. She always takes the appropriate steps to make sure the final results are exactly what I want! Never leave from Figaro disappointed.

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