Hairstyles for medium length Hair

Here at Figaro salon we are offering following haircuts suitable for ladies with medium length hairs - Classic Bob Haircut, Victoria Beckham Style Bob, Layered (graduated) Bob Haircut, A line (aline) Bob Haircut, Asymmetrical Bob Haircut and Undercut Bob Haircut.

We do have more images of our clients with medium length hairstyles under Gallery section of our web site.

Classic Bob Haircut

This is the base haircut for all the multiple versions of Bob. Here the ends of all the strands are on the same level, and their length varies depending on the client's desire, but the back can not be too short. In order to achieve this eye-catching Bob hairstyle I select only one control strand in the back of the head and then shorten the rest strands relative to the control strand to produce a progressive lengthening effect. The classic bob cut is a versatile haircut, suitable for all ages and a variety of face and hair types, though it looks best on women with a triangular or oval face. Straight and shiny hair with straightened ends will give an image of rigor, and the soft waves that have been gaining huge popularity in recent years will make it romantic and easy to maintain. This haircut will favourably emphasize the line of the cheekbone, make the face refined, and visually extend the neck. Tight and large curls are the only exceptions for which I do not recommend a haircut in the classic bob shape. In this case, the hair will resemble a helmet and, instead of emphasizing the beauty of the natural locks, will deliver uncomfortable issues. All types of hair colouring are suitable for the classic form of the bob. It depends on your desires, and of course the qualifications of your colour technician. I recommend to update classic bob haircut once every 6-8 weeks.

Victoria Beckham Style Bob

This type of Bob has a distinctive feature - short hair on the back of the head. With the bob, hair in the back of the head (occipital area) can range from very short (shaved) to medium length options (one to ten centimetres in length). This is the part that will affect your styling options because it completely opens the neck. If you have a short neck then try to avoid very short variants of this haircut, the average length is quite suitable for you. The advantage of this haircut is an additional volume in the occipital area and the possibility of changing length, adding asymmetry in the haircut. For this variety of bob, all modern and, of course, classical staining techniques are suitable. The only thing that I would like to draw your attention to is that highlights are not recommended in the lower occipital zone. This type of haircut looks great with any bangs. A version with short length at occipital area allows you to try this bob style for curly hair, as the curls will fall neatly, and the image acquires fervent features. Usually this hairstyle sees the length of the hair range from the chin to the ear, but modern trends present a shortened version of the haircut. In this case, the edge length is at the level of the cheekbones. I do not recommend this haircut if the features of your face are small, and your brows are not decorated. The elongated variation, on the contrary, does not require any clear forms or a certain type of face. I recommend refreshing the Victoria Beckham style bob haircut once every 6-8 weeks.

Layered (graduated) Bob Haircut

Graduating is done whilst cutting the Bob haircut. Layered strands can be any length, it all depends on the shape you choose, as well as on the individual characteristics of your hair. The layered bob is a salvation for thin hair with split ends, the haircut eliminates apparent flaws, and the different lengths of the locks gives volume. It also looks great on curly hair, in my opinion this is the version of the bob cut that is considered universal because it is intended for any type of hair face. Constant careful styling in this version is not required. You can spin or straighten curls, depending on your desires. And, with all the diversity of available hair finishing products, you do not require special effort to create the desired effect. Remember how Vidal Sassoon said "wash and go" is the main motto of clients with this kind of bob. A short layered bob looks great combined with ragged and wispy bangs or with side bangs combed out from the face. A short bob also looks great with ragged and airy bangs, laid from the face. All types of hair colouring are suitable for the layered form of the bob. It depends on your desires, and of course the qualifications of your colour technician. I recommend refreshing the layered bob haircut once every 6-8 weeks.

A line (aline) Bob Haircut

Long front locks with the bob is the best way to accent an oval face shape. The aline Bob haircut may also be referred to as an inverted bob. This haircut does not require a thorough styling, so it gained a well-deserved popularity. The standard length of such a bob cut is up to the shoulder line for straight or wavy hair, but its only disadvantage is that fine curly hair will not lie beautifully in this haircut. The aline bob is great for any face shape. I recommend adding bangs for a round face, and for women with a square face and pronounced cheekbones, it is better to pay attention to a long strand laid on its side and parted. This will smooth out the shape and balance the image thus giving the face softness. All modern and classic types of hair colouring are suitable for the aline form of bob. The technique of balayage and ombre, combined with an in-depth base colour, are especially good and modern. All depends on your desires, and of course the qualifications of colourist. I recommend updating the aline bob once every 6-8 weeks.

Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

This haircut is very popular among celebrities: Rihannah, Keira Knightley and Gwyneth Paltrow are happy to wear asymmetrical bob hairstyles, but of course in its infinite variations. The trick of the asymmetrical bob haircut is the emphasis on the different lengths of the strands. Most often, we can see that hairdresser leaves an "elongated angle" on one side or makes a smooth transition throughout the cut. Typically, this haircut is usually done without bangs, because they will challenge the effect of asymmetry and shift attention to themselves. An asymmetrical bob haircut with different lengths of strands can be elongated and layered at the back. This is well suited for those with wavy hair and insufficient volume. Also an asymmetrical bob will look well on those with moderate cheekbones and a small chin. An asymmetric bob with layers allows you to wear a bang, because the shape of the haircut is soft. This style is suitable for everyone and is certainly easy to care for every day. All types of hair colouring are suitable for the classic form of Bob including classic and modern. All depends on your desires, and of course the qualifications of colourist. I recommend maintaining the asymmetrical bob haircut once every 6-8 weeks.

Undercut Bob Haircut

This very original haircut is recommended by modern stylists not only to women but also to men. The undercut bob attracts attention due to the complex shape and its unusual effect. To achieve this haircut, you need thick hair, the trick is that in this haircut the entire temporal and occipital zones are cut very short (from 1 cm to 2 cm at most). It looks very good on straight and curly hair, though I do not recommend it for tight bouncy spiral hair, although again it all depends on the chosen length of hair. Styling will require time and some skills, and as a reward for hard work and courage, you will be provided with tons of compliments. Undercut bob style doesn't fit the full, square, round face or curly hair. All modern types of hair colouring are suitable for the undercut form of the bob cut. All depends on your desires, and of course the qualifications of colourist. I recommend refreshing the undercut bob haircut once every 4 or 6 weeks.

Once again, I would like to remind you that only a regular visit to the salon, a timely haircut (once every 4-6 weeks), as well as a correct and constant care will make your hair beautiful & evoking enthusiastic looks.

Yours Truly, Elena-Figaro Salon Art Director & Principal Stylist

Medium Length Layered Hair Cut Caramel HighLights Figaro Hair Salon Toronto
Layered Hair Cut Caramel HighLights
Long Bob ( Lob Cut ) with Blonde and Grey Streaks by Figaro Hair Salon Director
Lob cut w. Blonde & Grey Streaks
A Line Bob Cut Ash Brown Hair Figaro Hair Salon Director
A line Bob Cut
Soft Curles Layered Bob Hair Cut blonde HighLights Figaro Hair Salon Toronto
Soft Curles Layered Bob
Soft Waves Lob Haircut w Balayage Figaro Hair Salon Toronto
Soft Waves Lob Haircut w Balayage
 A line Bob Cut Brown Caramel Asian Hair Figaro Hair Salon Toronto
A line Bob Cut
 A line Bob Cut Brown Caramel Asian Hair by Figaro Hair Salon Director
A line Bob on asian hair
Gold Highlights, Balayage on copper hair, Asymmetrical short Layered Bob Cut
Asymmetrical short Layered Bob
Bob Cut for Blonde Hair
Bob Cut for Blonde Hair
Layered Bob Medium Length Hair Soft Caramel Balayage Figaro Hair Salon Toronto
Layered Bob Soft Caramel Balayage

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They do a really great job here with my wifes hair. This place is all about quality, service and experience.

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Excellent service! I went in for a trim and color treatment, and left with a wonderfully layered cut and balayage highlights! I was pleased with the care taken by staff, especially with Amondine, who treated and styled my hair, and also with the owner, who encouragingly checked in. Both women had a very pleasant disposition! Thank you very much for your time and talent :)

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Love Elena and everybody at this salon!! So knowledgeable, trendy, current and never cuts corners ...always perfection! I look forward to coming every few months for the best colour and newest techniques. Love my hair today! Highly recommend! - Lina

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Thank you to Lina and the amazing staff at Figaro. The place is calm and inviting and Lina gave me the best haircut I've had in months. She understood what I was looking for, and worked her magic! Very friendly people and overall an amazing experience. I will definitely be back and highly recommend Figaro for all your hair styling needs, especially for people that care about how they look and want to show the world their best side!

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Haircut of my dreeeams thanks to the Amazing caring professional people with a priceless magic touch, brilliant attentive advice and a charming fun super pampered environment!

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Great place! I love my hair!

Professional hair dresser establishment with the exposure of awards winning service.

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Thank you!

Amazing!!! They are totally professional, very honest people, sweet, friendly and again SO PROFESSIONAL!! they save my hair, my hair feel like new, don't think twice, if you are looking for a great hair style, color and cut, this is the place, I am very grateful.

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My wife and I stumbled on this gem a month ago, with the reviews alone we decided to check it out and get a consultation.

From what we received from Elena we were very impressed (when doing your research and been to how many salons...'you'd be surprised' this place was the most knowledgeable/polite for us). From just 1 meeting she figured out my wife's hair along with complete honesty of what its going to take to fix it 'which is really what we are looking for.' We ended up coming back after 3 weeks (BOOK EARLY/ASAP! they are SUPER BUSY!), Elena and her team did an AMAZING JOB!! with my wife's hair (after a few salons couldn't get it right..)

My wife is so trilled with the professional care of 'Service' and 'Results' that she has received. They were ever so gentle and caring. This team of wonderful talented artists take their time in perfecting their work and you can tell that they take a lot of pride in what they do. We're very thankful and grateful for their kind hospitality and honesty.

Thank you Elena and team!

We shall be seeing you soon!

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Oh my GOD! This place is amazing. Lina did an amazing job on my hair when I wanted a drastic change (waist length to a long bob). So happy with the cut and style, quality of service, and attention to detail. Prices are also EXTREMELY reasonable for the quality.

So happy! Will definitely be back!

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Lina is amazing! Just had my second cut and I love it! She's very meticulous and skilled. All the staff are very friendly and it's a great environment. Definitely recommend!

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My stylist was very professional and knowledgeable that lead to great colour that matched exactly what I was looking for ... she is patient and passionate about her work and takes her time to reach perfect results ... thanks for the great colour and cut!

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I went to Figaro to get a big chop! My hair went half way down my back and I cut it to my chin. Whenever I do a drastic hair transformation, I want to make sure that I trust the person who's cutting it. Figaro was a first for me, and it definitely won't be a last! Lina did an amazing job- she listened to what I wanted and she delivered beyond my expectations (and I'm picky). She was also welcoming and beyond friendly from the moment I walked into the salon. I definitely recommend Figaro to anyone looking for a quality haircut.

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Figaro Hair Salon is honestly the best salon in the entire GTA.

I always get my perms done here, the entire staff is just very generous and kind, and very very professional. Amazing service..

Lina is a true magician. Highly recommended!!

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Amazing place! All professionals!

Amandine did my girls hair! Amazing job absolutely perfect! If you want a professional haircut/hair colour this is the place to go!

Elena’s the best of the best!

Read more >

Amazing service and amazing team of professionals!!! Thank you!

Greatly recommended

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I went to Figaro a couple of months back and received quite a few treaments, I got my hair ombréd and the next day went back for a kerasilk treatment because I was going to travel and had very frizzy hair in humidity! My experience was amazing Elena and Lina were the woman who worked their magic on me!! The espresso machine was a god sent and snacking on coco sticks was even better!! And the work they do and knowledge is crazy I learned so much about my hair and for a first time at a Toronto hair salon I was extremely impressed I cant wait to go back and my hair is still silky smooth even after my trip and the colour is amazing!! ❤️❤️❤️

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Love my hair...

Tamara did a wonderful job colouring and styling them.

Worth every penny!!!🙏

Read more >

Unfortunately my hair was way overdue for some tlc - I wanted warm blonde hilites for the summer, I showed a pic to Lena and Tamara and after some meticulous,skillful,patient work - POOF! perfectly, soft, beautiful and most of all stronger hair with warm blonde hilites.

Can’t wait to return, great experience and very friendly and professional staff.

Thank you ladies love it.

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Very professional salon. This is by far the best salon I have been to in Toronto I don't put reviews but this one was needed. I did colour my hair and cut and looks amazing. Just next time I'm gonna cut my hair longer I cut it more than I should. Anyways they know what to do and I forgot the name of the lady who did mine she was veryyyyyyyyyyyy professional. I highly recommend this salon. You get what u want. And the owner is amazing she went through everything with how to style it, what colour and everything was perfect.

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Love my hair. Beautiful little studio. I found my go to salon.

Everyone's been super nice to me here, and it tends to be very person-oriented experience; the coffee is also always a nice touch. The team is very open, honest, and realistic about what they'll be able to accomplish given the situation, preferring to approach harsh treatments in a cautious conservative manner to lessen the chance of any adverse effects/risks.

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Thank you to Lina and the amazing staff at Figaro. The place is calm and inviting and Lina gave me the best haircut I've had in months. She understood what I was looking for, and worked her magic! Very friendly people and overall an amazing experience. I will definitely be back and highly recommend Figaro for all your hair styling needs, especially for people that care about how they look and want to show the world their best side!

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Unfortunately my hair was way overdue for some tlc - I wanted warm blonde hilites for the summer, I showed a pic to Lena and Tamara and after some meticulous,skillful,patient work - POOF! perfectly, soft, beautiful and most of all stronger hair with warm blonde hilites.

Can’t wait to return, great experience and very friendly and professional staff.

Thank you ladies love it.

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I have been getting my hair done at the Figaro salon for over 10 years now. It is operated by the owner Elena, who has lots of hairstyling and hair coloring experience. She probably won every single award under the sun! All her staff are very knowledgeable and a couple of years ago I had a pleasure of meeting Lina. She has years of hair styling experience on her own. Whether you are looking for creative ideas for coloring / cut /styles that would best suit you or have something specific in mind she is your kind of gal. With her we have maintained different styles which I loved but we also experimented with some new ones. She is a gem, I have never been disappointed and I am pleased to share my experience with her work. I am posting some of the coloring we did recently. Sorry as it turned out I didn't take many pictures of my hair alone!

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I've been coming to Figaro for over a year now and I highly recommend the salon. I initially went to Figaro to have my hair colour corrected. After a brief consultation with Elena, she fixed the colour so that it looked amazing. I always walk out of there happy with my colour and my haircuts. Thanks Elena and team.

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I have found Figaro to be a great salon with very experienced and knowledgeable stylists. The atmosphere is always welcoming and customer service is always great. They managed to successfully fix my wife's horrible haircut 'created' by her previous hairdresser, I thought the situation was hopeless but Lina managed to miraculously save it. I highly recommend them.

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Michelle took time and effort for my hair cut. Definitely one of the best hair salons I've been to. They all do their jobs with love

Read more >

I have been a customer for a couple of years and I have found the quality and customer service to be excellent.

I rarely have to wait to be seated and I can't say that of any other hair salon --and I am always a few minutes early!

As for the customer service, you can't ask for a more friendly atmosphere.

Seriously the best place I have ever been.

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This is the Best Hair salon in the town, Lina is super nice and she is wonderful and very knowledgeable, She know what haircut or color will suit your skin tone. Highly Recommended will definitely go back again

Read more >

Extremely professional, great customer care and highly knowledgable team.

I had a colour correction that I needed fixing over the holidays back in December and I took a chance as I had never heard of this place and picked it based on the reviews.

Don't be fooled by the small location in a strip plaza... this place knows what they are doing and they deliver.

I have been to many Salons downtown, midtown and in the ossington area and I have to say no one cared for my hair in the way this salon did.

I had an ombré that desparetly needed to be fixed the top was too dark and need to be lightened by at least 3 levels.

Like most salons they did not dump bleach on my head and walk away. They cared about the damage to my hair and massaged the bleach and watched it for the entire time as it lightened.

My results were incredible and I would highly recommend this place. Elena and Lena thank you for the care you put into my hair!! I will be back.

Read more >

Oh my goodness, Figaro's hair salon is the best thing that's ever happened to me!!

They are all so kind, funny and talented. They make you feel at home, because that's how amazing they are! That being said, Tamara has my heart- literally!

The word talented is an understatement to how blessed she is at what she does! I never ever leave the salon disappointed. In fact, she will go above and beyond with her clients, and it's beautiful. I just wanted her to know that she is appreciated and loved by many! xoxoxoxo Thank you so much Tamara and the whole Figaro's Hair and Beauty Salon Team for giving the most phenomenal customer service I have ever received xoxoxo P.S Booking my next appointment right now :)

Read more >


I tried to do my own root touch up before my wedding in three weeks, needles to say I totally screwed it up and was in tears.

I called the Salon and before I finished my story, Elena told me to come right away. They fixed everything! They were so nice and charismatic!

So nice to see that great customer service is still around.

Thank you so so so so much Elena and Lina, from the bottom of my heart!

Read more >

I came to Figaro salon today for a haircut with Lina. She was styling another lady with beautiful long wavy hair.

It looks really amazing. Lina is very kind and understanding. She did a very cute and chic A- line Bob for me.

I couldn't be any happier to find a hairstylist who cuts in so much detail (truly a perfectionist). Thank you so much for the pleasant service!

The other clients also have beautiful haircuts and colors with other stylists. They are very passionate and artistic. I highly recommend this place

Read more >

Long time customer, love this place and people working here. They welcome you and make you feel special.

Thank you Lena, Lina & the entire team for your wonderful work!

Read more >

I went to Figaro hair salon to achieve the perfect blonde/balayage.

I went in with extremely damaged brassy hair and the hairdresser Tamara spent 6+ hours on my hair to rejuvenate it and give me the best style and color.

Tamara knows exactly what she is doing and she is so professional, kind, and honest. OBSESSED with my new hair. I also love so much their entire team, they are so welcoming and honest and care so much for their client's hair. I will 100% return to them!

Read more >

Just got back from Figaro, and impatient to write a review. Totally in love with my new haircut.

Everyone was super nice, a hairstylist Lina came across as very knowledgeable and experienced, she offered me a couple of hair style options, and was very helpful, I truly enjoyed the entire process! It's hard to find a hairdresser who you will be happy with 100%, but it feels like I've found one! The ambiance is very professional but welcoming at the same time.

Will definitely be back!

Read more >

I've been a client of Figaro for many years and every time I do my hair there, I leave salon feeling a million bucks. Actually, all my friends and family go there. The Figaro team is very professional and friendly. They know exactly what I need, every time. They are not only the best hair color and cut professionals in Toronto, but also have a vision for what color or style would be most beneficial for a particular face type or a skin tone. Not to mention the prices are very affordable compared to other high-end salons in Toronto (believe me, I have something to compare to). Figaro team won many hair color and styling competitions and they totally deserve to be champions. This is my place for life. I would recommend it to everyone. Thanks Figaro!

Read more >

Great salon! I found them through Yelp & read good reviews too from Google reviews. Elena & Lin were great! They're friendly & know exactly what you want done. Elena would tell you too if a cut or look doesn't suit you. After going to a different salon for a cut & having them fix it 2x w/o getting it right still, going to Figaro was a great decision. Best hair colorists too! I highly recommend Figaro!

Read more >

The best by far in Toronto! Super friendly staff.

Very knowledgeable about products and new trendy styles.

Staff is absolutely amazing and HONEST, and can create anything you desire! No need to look further. This salon is A1 !!!!!

Read more >

I cannot say enough good things about my first time at Figaro salon. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED every minute of my time there!

Team is highly professional and caring! I got amazing color correction hair treatment, and wonderful hair cut which compliments my skin and eyes done by Elena.

She says:'If you have a good haircut, you don't need to spend a lot of time styling at all.' And that's exactly what I got.

To be honest, there's one thing I'm disappointed about it's location of the salon.

From now on I have to travel to the other side of the city to get my hair done!

Read more >

Very good stylists, make me happy every visit.

Reffed a bunch of people and everyone loved it as well.

Read more >

Its been a pleasure using Lena's Services for many years!!!

This is an absolute MASTER in the hair industry!!!

Every time she suggests anything, it turns into piece of art and the quality is phenomenal!!

The service, the atmosphere, the professionalism is a full 5*

Read more >

Elena is the ultimate hair stylist !

She is an absolute profesional, fun and always up to date with the newest trends !

I have been going to her salon for years,

I absolutely love her and love getting my hair done every single time!

Read more >

I visited Figaro after readimg the testimonials and am more than happy with the experience - the stylists are engaging and make you comfortable and suggest a cut that will suit you.

Love Love Love....

Read more >

Tamara always does an amazing job!

I love my blonde hair!!!

Thank you! Best blonde ever!

Read more >

It's my best experience in Toronto. Loving the professionalism and a great atmosphere!! Thank you!!

Read more >

I've been Figaro Salon customer for years. Very pleased with the service! Staff is professional, experienced and friendly.

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