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,written on May 20, 2018

I was long overdue for a hair cut and color but was procrastinating to go as other salons couldn't provide me with a convenient time. Prior to the booking I had a hair cut consultation with the owner of the Salon Lena who answered all my questions and provided the best suggestions for the hair coloring and booked my appointment right the next day. I had a wonderful hair cut and Balayage coloring done at Figaro Hair Salon on May 5. Lina was the hair dresser who did a fantastic job! The haircut is very manageable and exactly what I needed. The coloring was done to perfection with the shades I wanted ( ...and I am very picky ). I waited for three weeks to post an honest review as I wanted to see how my hair would "behave" and I am very thrilled about the final results. Thank you to the team at Figaro hair salon who made my hair look amazing and manageable. I highly recommend.

,written on May, 2018

Oh my GOD! This place is amazing. Lina did an amazing job on my hair when I wanted a drastic change (waist length to a long bob). So happy with the cut and style, quality of service, and attention to detail. Prices are also EXTREMELY reasonable for the quality. So happy! Will definitely be back!

,written on April, 2018

My wife and I stumbled on this gem a month ago, with the reviews alone we decided to check it out and get a consultation. From what we received from Elena we were very impressed (when doing your research and been to how many salons..."you'd be surprised" this place was the most knowledgeable/polite for us). From just 1 meeting she figured out my wife's hair along with complete honesty of what its going to take to fix it "which is really what we are looking for." We ended up coming back after 3 weeks (BOOK EARLY/ASAP! they are SUPER BUSY!), Elena and her team did an AMAZING JOB!! with my wife's hair (after a few salons couldn't get it right..) My wife is so trilled with the professional care of "Service" and "Results" that she has received. They were ever so gentle and caring. This team of wonderful talented artists take their time in perfecting their work and you can tell that they take a lot of pride in what they do. We're very thankful and grateful for their kind hospitality and honesty. Thank you Elena and team! We shall be seeing you soon!

,written on June 20, 2017

This is by far my favourite salon in Toronto. I've been coming here since the day it opened and I've never ever been disappointed! Elena is very creative, she knows what will look good on you and she is always on top of all the trends in the hairstylists world. I let her do what she thinks the best for me and what is current so I never have exactly the same cut. I always get compliments on how great my hair looks and, trust me, I don't have beautiful hair by nature :) To add, over so many years I've seen people getting haircuts, colour, treatments in the salon and each and every one of the staff there is really great and do amazing job! Never once I've seen somebody leaving with a bad hair from Figaro. It is not cheap but you are definitely getting your money worth there! Wouldn't go anywhere else even if I get paid to do so! Highly recommend! Just make sure you make an appointment!

,written on June 10, 2017

Very helpful staff, instantly helped me choose from a vague idea that I had and mold it into great looking hair, gave useful and insightful tips for personal hair care and products. Would definitely recommend anyone who needs a little direction in the hair department!

,written on June 01, 2017

I have been to this salon a few times and have always had a good experience. Great people, friendly atmosphere and wonderful service [not to mention the fantastic coffee and treats :)]. Today I had my brown roots and blonde highlights done by Lina. I have been experiencing some hair health issues lately and Lina was so considerate, gentle and reassurring. I received beautiful platinum blonde highlights without any damage. It turned out exactly as the picture I showed. The cut was perfect, as was the style. It has been a while since I've been this pleased with my hair and how my hair was dealt with. Thank you Lina ... you are an absolute sweetheart and I am very pleased and happy with my hair!

,written on October 20, 2016

I love Figaro salon! In addition to the pleasant and inviting atmosphere, the friendly and professional staff, when people stop me in the street and ask who my hair dresser is, I always recommend this place. Thank you, Tamara, for making my flat hair look strong and young, and lie naturally without much effort from my side.

,written on 6/10/2010

I first started coming to Figaro 10 years ago, after the first visit I knew that no-one else could do what Lena did to my hair. The color was perfect, and the cuts have been trend-setting. Figaro always listens to what you want to do with your hair, but also gives suggestions on what will looks best with your face type and skin color, something we all would like to know. The salon is very intimate and can bravely compete with very expensive salons downtown Manhattan. If you haven’t discovered this hidden gem yet, it is time .

,written on September 03, 2016

Lina did an updo for a wedding I went to. Turned out beautiful and I received lots of compliments

,written on August 29, 2016

Today, I have gotten one of my best hair cuts - courtesy of Tamara. She is all about details and gave me a very elegant style. I honestly feel like a classy and a brand new person. They are a team of highly skilled and welcoming people. I simply recommend Figaro to everybody, as it would be a sin to not to experience their service. Cheers, Danny

,written on May 5, 2016

I recently moved to the area and needed a blow out so I decided to give this place a try. After chatting with my stylist I asked if he had time for a cut as well, and he happily accommodated me. It was literally the best haircut I have ever received!! The salon was beautiful and the rest of the staff were very nice as well. I am so happy to have found a new hair stylist.

,written on March 2016

Tamara and Elena at figaro saved my hair. They completely transformed it from what used to be highly damaged pink hair from the use of shoppers drug mart manic panic dye, to what it now is: beautiful balayage hair. It became clear to Elena and Tamara that the pink dye on my hair that I came in with was acting as a shield meaning that any darker dye that is put on top of it would simply slide off in the shower. My hair was in serious condition as they didn't know what to even do to fix it. Elena said that she wouldn't let me leave the salon unless the absolute right thing would be done for me and my hair. More than that, she stated that if nothing right could be done, she would just tell me to refrain from doing anything at all to my hair. Elena and Tamara are the most amazing hair stylists I've ever met, based on their pure care for their customers, and their love for hair in general. It became clear that certain hair lighteners weren't working to take out the pink from my hair, but this amazing product called olaplex did. Elena and Tamara decided balayage would be my best choice as it will correct my colour and give me beautiful blonde hair. So we did that, and the results have been nothing but amazing. It has been about 2 months and I have no complaints! I highly recommend this salon and will always do so! Can't wait to go back!

,written on Jan 2016

Oh my goodness, Figaro's hair salon is the best thing that's ever happened to me!! They are all so kind, funny and talented. They make you feel at home, because that's how amazing they are! That being said, Tamara has my heart- literally! The word talented is an understatement to how blessed she is at what she does! I never ever leave the salon disappointed. In fact, she will go above and beyond with her clients, and it's beautiful. I just wanted her to know that she is appreciated and loved by many! xoxoxoxo Thank you so much Tamara and the whole Figaro's Hair and Beauty Salon Team for giving the most phenomenal customer service I have ever received xoxoxo P.S Booking my next appointment right now :)

,written on Jun 2013

THE BEST hair salon in Toronto I've known North York Figaro Beauty Salon for over 10 years. The service you get there is second to none. Being a typical guy, I admit I started taking my haircut for granted... until I found myself needing a quick one before an urgent trip and not able to get an appointment on a short notice (they are good so they are usually busy). Every time I ended up going elsewhere I regretted it.

,written on Feb 2016

Tamara was amazing. I have lots of hair and I wanted it short. She took the time and really listen to what I wanted. She took all the volume away and gave me a Beautiful hair cut. I have received lots of compliments 😍 thank you Tamara. I defenetly recomendamos this Hair salon everybody is nice and friendly. Love this place I am defenetly coming back ...

,written on Dec 2015

Awesome place!!! Came to visit my family from NYC and discovered Figaro. Great and attentive owner Elena, amazing stylist Tamara. All natural products, great ability to match colour to the picture and style to highlight your best features. Incredible service at very competitive price.

,written on April 2014

I've been going to the owner to get my hair done for over 10 years. She is an amazing stylist and colour technician. I can comfortably walk in and let her choose a style and colour that she knows will suit me, and I always walk out feeling like a gem. The salon and other stylists always provide a warm and welcoming environment leaving me always looking forward to the next visit. I would happily recommend this salon to everyone, you will not regret it.

,written on Oct 2015

This salon has the most talented team, lead by Elena, who I first saw a few years ago to correct the horrible highlights that I got at another hair salon. I felt so distressed coming in but she knew exactly what to do, talked me through the process and her colour correction was amazing – she truly is a wizard. I have been a loyal client ever since. Service here is excellent, stylists are knowledgeable, professional and friendly. I wanted to also mention how much I love Tamara, who gave me the most beautifully blended balayage – I get compliments constantly from friends and strangers. I had my hair styled out of town for a special occasion recently and even the hair stylists at that salon loved the colour and asked me where I had my balayage done. Tamara is attentive and meticulous and I love the way she styles my hair.

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,written on 10/10/2014

I was really thrilled with my hair cut! I have never had long hair before and Elena sat me through and showed me her vision of what would look great. My hair has never looked better than this, and I feel really feminine and beautiful. Thank you Elena!.

,written on 1/8/2014

Elena is a true professional. Learned in her art, well spoken and happy to educate a customer on the hair (length, cut, style) that best suites them. I was lucky to get an appointment the next day (normally its an 8 week wait) and had a hair cut disaster to fix. Elena took her time, was meticulous and shaped and cut my hair into a beautiful creation. I will not be going anywhere else and I consider myself lucky to have found Figaro's.

,written on 11/18/2012

I've been a client of Figaro for many years and every time I do my hair there, I leave salon feeling a million bucks. Actually, all my friends and family go there. The Figaro team is very professional and friendly. They know exactly what I need, every time. They are not only the best hair color and cut professionals in Toronto, but also have a vision for what color or style would be most beneficial for a particular face type or a skin tone. Not to mention the prices are very affordable compared to other high-end salons in Toronto (believe me, I have something to compare to). Figaro team won many hair color and styling competitions and they totally deserve to be champions. This is my place for life. I would recommend it to everyone. Thanks Figaro!

,written on 8/2/2014

The best salon in Toronto! I've been going to Figaro for years! Never was I disappointed with results. Elena is absolutely great. This is not your generic salon where you get your hair chopped the way you asked them whether it looks good on you or not.Elena is extremely talented and creative and I stopped asking for what I think I want, I let her do whatever she feels the best for me, and she does an outstanding job time after time. I would highly recommend Figaro to anyone. Just make sure you book in advance. All her staff is highly trained and if you don't get Elena herself, try others. They are all great as Elena maintains very high standards at Figaro.

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