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We at Toronto Figaro Hair Salon would like to share with you our professional experience and give you some blow drying tips:

Let your hair towel dry

as much as possible before pulling out the blow-dryer. It'll minimize any hair damage caused by the heat of your blow-dryer.

Apply a heat protection product

on you hair to prevent heat damage.Blow-dry down your hair shaft. This will achieve smooth locks.

Always blow-dry in sections

Start from the lowest section and section by section go to the top Remember never drop a wet hair section on dry one because it will ruin-down your style. You can also use hair clips that will make styling easier, quicker and give you better results.

Keep the blow-dryer at least a few inches away from your hair

when you’re removing moisture and then move it to about 6 inches when styling to limit damage.

Never concentrate the air on one section of your hair

for too long and always keep the blow-dryer moving.

Never blow-dry your hair upside down

if you find that your hair tends to frizz. Avoid pointing the air flow of your blow-dryer upwards along your hair shaft and instead point it down and work from root to tip.

Use your nozzle attachment

to zone in on specific sections of your hair and prevent fly-away.

When your hair is done

you also can use a flat iron to make your hair look flat or a curling iron to create beautiful curls.

A little bit of hair spray

or texturizing product will help you to achieve a perfect look.

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