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The Award winning Figaro Hair and Beauty Salon is proud to offer Artistic Hair Extensions!

World known celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Jenifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, and others surprise us with new hairstyles weekly. How they do it? style and color with help of hair extensions, they are everywhere in Hollywood these days!

Our salon's dedicated specialists are professionals in application and aftercare of hair extensions. Hair extensions vary in cost (the good one we use for models on the gallery will start from 800$), which is related to the quality, color design, and the method of attachment of your new hair extensions. At Figaro Salon we specialize in many types of hair extensions and their application. SO.CAP is the method that respects the nature of hair, keeping its properties unchanged over time, guarantees longevity and assures high quality.

On the top of each hair lock, SO.CAP uses a thin sheet of keratin that, unlike silicone, respects the nature of hair since keratin is the material that your natural hair is made from. This keratin is specific for hair extension, and so it improves the application and makes it simple and neat. The keratin has a peculiar shape and has the same colour as the hair lock. This allows a perfect application: completely invisible and without flaws. Only customers with normal and healthy hair may do the extensions. Clips on extensions are also available for special events.

The most important aspect of hair extensions is the quality of the hair used. We at Figaro Salon have engineered the top of the art colouring process for hair extensions in order to deliver a real beauty transformation for our clients!

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