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Men's Grey Hair Blending Service

Hair Color for men at Toronto Hair Salon

Are you a man looking to cover your grey hair ?
Figaro Salon is the right place, We use the best in class colour products which will guarantee desired results.

We are a professional team that regularly attends Canadian & European hair shows where we learn the latest trends in men's hair care.
Our stylists do only perfect haircuts!
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Men reshade grey blending is The Most Masculine Way To Reduce your grey hairs!

An Exclusive Men's Grey Hair Blending Service.

Men today want to appear refreshed, confident, and yes, even a little more youthful.
Many men prefer a low maintenance approach when dealing with their look.
We are offering COLDWELL Reshade grey blending: a refreshed look with less grey - easy, quick and very natural-looking results.

Features & Benefits:

  • Quick and discreet, applied at the shampoo bowl

  • 15 minute application

  • No artificially coloured results

  • Will not fade off tone over time

Men ReShade Hybrid Foam Technology:

The innovative Hybrid Foam Technology combines an easy application of a foam with natural results of an oxidative colour. It provides natural, transparent grey blending - a cool masculine tone, with no solid effect, no visible re-growth, no reddish or warm tones after shampooing, and shampoos out true-to-tone. Delivers a refreshed youthful look men desire. 4 masculine cool ash tones: 5CA, 6CA, 7CA and 8CA

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What care should you do to avoid hair loss?

Perhaps the biggest problem of men's hair comes with age - hair loss. This problem requires men even at a young age to take care of their hair to delay the effect of dissipating hairline as long as possible.

When hair loss inevitably comes, men's hair requires special shampoo and hair treatment products to prevent the situation from worsening. We can suggest best PRODUCTS specially Created For Men's Hairs. The remaining hair also needs revitalization to keep them healthy and more frequent visits to the Figaro Salon Stylists to keep it trim-clean. Just like that of women, men's hair has various color, texture and body and requires different types of cleaning and maintenance regimen.

The problem with men, however, is they are not as lavish as women in taking care of their hair. They are also not too sensitive to the different characteristics of men's hair -- waves, curls and various varieties of straights. More visits to professional hair experts are needed for men who value their overall appearance. Figaro Hair experts can give men professional advice on the best haircut and the best maintenance products to keep the hair at its best !

Get Trend Hair Cut and Cover your grey at Figaro Salon in Toronto!