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At Toronto Figaro Hair Salon we offer Hairstyles for Short Hair:

Need to be trimmed every 4-6 weeks. Short hair styles became so popular and ladies of all ages love to wear them as they look great and can soften the facial features creating a very feminine and sophisticated look. Unique innovative haircutting techniques that we developed and use allow popular classic short hairstyles to be modernized in the most fabulous manner. The stylish look and the low maintenance boosts this hairstyles popularity to the top. Need to be trimmed every 6-8 weeks. Get texture and definition by getting a timeless bob hairstyle. These chic examples show the ability of similar hair designs to adapt to different face shapes and hair types. Perfect for all kinds of hair and for all ages.

We offer Hairstyles for Long Hair:

Need to be trimmed every 9 -12 weeks. Do you love your beautiful long hair? A long layered hairstyle would be perfect for you. It looks fabulous with all hair types except very fine, thin, hair. You can chose from variety of different layers (like front layers, short layers on the top, low layers on the back etc.) You can also play with different Fringe (or "Bangs") like Straight bangs, Blunt bangs, Wispy bangs, Side bangs, Asymmetrical bangs, etc.

Say good-bye to boring hairstyles. There is a variety of hairstyles to choose from:

Messy short hair cuts, Short Layers Haircuts, Funky Short Hairstyles, Edgy Short Hairstyles, A line Bob, Asymmetrical Hairstyles, Contemporary bob hairstyles, Graduated Bob, Angled Bob, Fabulous Medium Length Layers Hair Cuts, Sexy Long Layers Hairstyles.

Whatever style you can imagine, weather you have fine hairs you’re in good hands with any part of the Figaro Salon Team

We will help you chose a new and trendy hairstyle & you will receive a fresh look at all times, so you can always attract attention with your style. Combining different styling and coloring concepts can open up a whole new world of possibilities for your individual signature look. Any dream can come true at Figaro Salon!
Select a Long Layers cut, Bob cut, Lob cut, Pixie or Short Layers cut and bring your dream picture to the salon, or look through hundreds of hair magazines from all over the world on site.
You will receive personal advice from Europe Cup Gold Winner -Art Director & Principal Stylist Elena on how to select your winning hair style and color.

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