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Get Perfect Wedding Hair Style or Updo

We offer the following services for the wedding

  • Salon Bridal Hair Updo starting from $110

  • Bridesmaids Hair Do starting from $85

  • Bridal Make up $120 and up

  • Bridal party girls Make up 85$ and up

  • Bridal packages at home hair and/or makeup available. Add $100 Travel fee. Minimum 5 persons required

  • Get Wedding Updo package for 5 persons done by Lina for $400

Your wedding day is one the most special moments you can have. A bride wants everything perfect on that very special occasion. From the food to the flowers, from the make-up to the gown, and wearing the perfect wedding hair style would definitely not be amiss. For many ladies the hair, the gown and a bouquet of flowers are important elements in flawlessly preserving a perfect memory. So how are you going to achieve that dream wedding hair style?

First, check your wedding plan. Try to stick to the plan in choosing a hair style for your wedding. Check the budget and choose the style that fits your funds. Getting your hair done in either an up or down style requires a different price based on the accessories and the hair styling products that are going to be applied in creating the hair style.

Second, check wedding magazines or internet pages that feature various possible hair styles. The wedding hair style that you’ll be choosing should match not only the style of your gown, but it should also go along with the theme and activities set out for the event. If the post-wedding ceremony involves activities that require you to move a lot, a hairstyle that allows minimum head movement would surely be a bad choice. It is also important to bear in mind the shape of your face and the type of hair you have while you flip through the pages of a hair style magazine. If you do not have hair that is long enough for the style that you like, you can also use clip on hair extensions. Don't forget about your bridesmaids hair too.

Third, meet your hairstylist (who specializes in Up-do or wedding hair do) before the wedding day. Do a little homework and bring some ideas that you like. Don't forget to bring pictures of your outfit, it is going to help the stylist understand the context. Having a longer time to discuss what type of wedding hair style to wear increases the possibility of getting the perfect one. Don't forget to discuss hair accessories with your hair stylist, because it should be combined with your total look. Meeting your hairstylist earlier will also give you ample time to decide what hair style to have on that special day. The hairstylist could also give you a lot of expert advice that would fit the budget and the occasion. If you need to colour your hair, make sure you do it at least a week before the wedding ceremony: in case you don't like something, you will have time to fix it.

Finally, relax. Make sure the choice is set the night before your wedding day. This way, you can prepare your hair for the big day. Getting everything planned out, readied, and organized would surely lessen possibilities of things that can go wrong. Always being prepared is the best secret in achieving the perfect wedding hair style.

"If you have a good haircut, you don’t need to spend a lot of time styling at all, as hair should be cut to match not only your face structure, but your personal style and lifestyle needs as well." says Elena, Art director and Principal stylist at Figaro Hair Salon in Toronto to ELLE Canada about Future Hair Trends "That’s how we create a personal style."

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