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Tamara is a professional hairstylist with over 15 years in the beauty industry. She spent majority of her career in New York, getting very intensive haircutting and color experience with a variety of clients and styles. Tamara works with passion and she loves what she does. The best reward for Tamara is the client's smile at the end of appointment. Professionally trained in latest colour techinques as Ombre,Olaplex Brond, Balayage colour techniques. She is expert at California highlights.
Her experience in the art of the man hair cuts/styling makes her top men's hair stylist at Figaro hair salon. Her proffesionalism and work attitude makes her a valuable member of our team.

Tamara's Testimonials from Google

, ★★★★★ written on March 2018

i wanted to change my look to pompadour. something more classic and simple. Tamara knew exactly what i wanted. it was my first time there. she was very knowledge about it. she made sure that i look good with an entirely different hair style. Figaro just got a regular customer!!

,★★★★★ written on March 2017

Going to the salon is always a dreaded experience for me. Getting a cut, style, colour and/or highlights is always something I approach with trepidation. My hair is an accessory and as such it has a huge effect on how I see myself and how others see me. First time to Figaro and I went with my daughter. My hair took 4 hours and this is the first time ever that I loved my hair right away. Not liked but loved. Tamara was patient and even with the uncertainty of trying to know what I was asking for it is, by far the most happy I have ever been! I asked for layers (got them) and highlights (got them very nicely done) and wash and wear style (a week later it is fabulous simple wash and wear). I wanted to be able to put it up and I can. The only downside was the time it took (4 hours) and the chair was so uncomfortable...and the price was more than expected. All in all it was worth every cent and I will be going back! Thank you Tamara and Figaro!!

, ★★★★★ written on January 2017

I have had my hair cut done by Tamara who I found to be an expert in treating curly and wavy hair. I was scared at first doing Balayage hair color since it was my first time but it turned our to be beautiful. I thank her for all the compliments I received.

,★★★★★ written on October 2016

Thank you, Tamara, for making my flat hair look strong and young, and lie naturally without much effort from my side.

,★★★★★ written on September 2016

Today, I have gotten one of my best hair cuts - courtesy of Tamara. She is all about details and gave me a very elegant style.

,★★★★★ written on March 2016

I have really thick and coarse hair, very hard to manage and style it. But being Tamara's client for several years I am pleased every time. Besides the act that she does an amazing and professional job, she gives off a welcoming and friendly aura. Highly recommend her! Thank you, Tamara!

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