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We are doing world class permanent(perm) waving for ladies and gentlemen.

Perms work best on hair that has not been coloured or highlighted. The chemicals are too harsh for double-processed or heavily highlighted hair. Perming hair that's already been chemically treated from highlights or colour can cause frizz. If you have dry hair or loads of short layers, you aren't the best candidate for a perm. Perms will dry hair out even more and a perm on short, layered hair could end up poodle-like. Not sure if your hair is a good candidate for a perm? Ask our stylists. You'll want to tell her every chemical process your hair has been through in the last couple of years and please let us kbow if you use henna.

Whatever perm style you can imagine, weather you have fine hairs you’re in good hands with perm services at the Figaro Salon Team!

We do have more info about different perm types we are offering under Perm Service section of our web site.

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