Visit our Amazon storefront and replenish your shampoo

We are pleased to announce that some hair care products are available for purchase with fulfillment by Amazon …

Dear Figaro Salon valuable Clientele and online Guests!

Now you may purchase some hair care products presented at Figaro Hair and Beauty Salon storefront on Amazon. During these difficult times that is great way to quickly replenish your shampoo and conditioner duo. Note that all products available on our Amazon store are FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) status. That means we stock them at Amazon warehouse and they send it to you directly using above mentioned link.
Note some Figaro Salon products may be not available at Amazon storefront or have other pricing compare to our salon store which based on Online Hair Care products Outlet assortment and pricing.

We do stock wider assortment of hair care products at our Online Hair Care products Outlet and ship them directly to you. We do offer free shipping with purchase over 75$ before taxes.
We wish you a safe hair care shopping!

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