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Purple Balayage Highlights is a way to get a creative style…

Best Purple Balayage Highlights Salon In Toronto

Purple Balayage brings personality and attention to any head of hair, and requires very low maintenance. Achieving the desired shade intensity for balayage takes time and requires an experienced master colourist’s technical and artistic skills. Here at Figaro Salon you will get stunning results and exceptional quality of balayage hair colouring without developing noticeable roots.

No need to touch up every several weeks like foil highlights. You can enjoy Purple Balayage for up to 4 months without a roots touch up.
If you have existing visible roots Purple Balayage highlights will not cover it. In this case we could combine roots touch up with highlights procedure.

Our salon colourist will check the condition of your hair, and will consult with you to find the right hair colour. We may suggest adding OLAPLEX to deliver conditioning benefits and to ensure structural integrity.
We use Goldwell hair colour and we also offer ammonia free bleach and ammonia free hair color for those with sensitive hair. Our colour service is the best in Toronto! All the images you see on our website were done by our team.
Our experienced (15 + years) colourists will deliver the same look you see here in our Gallery.

Any dream Balayage Highlights can come true at Figaro Salon.


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We are doing Best Purple Balayage Highlights in Toronto

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