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Best Purple Balayage Highlights Salon In Toronto

Purple Balayage brings personality and attention to any head of hair, and requires very low maintenance. Achieving the desired shade intensity for balayage takes time and requires an experienced master colourist’s technical and artistic skills. Here at Figaro Salon you will get stunning results and exceptional quality of balayage hair colouring without developing noticeable roots.

No need to touch up every several weeks like foil highlights. You can enjoy Purple Balayage for up to 4 months without a roots touch up. If you have existing visible roots Purple Balayage highlights will not cover it. In this case we could combine roots touch up with highlights procedure.

Our salon colourist will check the condition of your hair, and will consult with you to find the right hair colour, offer shade which best suits your skin tone. We may suggest adding OLAPLEX to deliver conditioning benefits and to ensure structural integrity. We use Goldwell hair colour and we also offer ammonia free bleach and ammonia free hair color for those with sensitive hair. Our colour service is the best in Toronto! All the images you see on our website were done by our team. Our experienced (15 + years) colourists will deliver the same look you see here in our Gallery.

Any dream Balayage Highlights can come true at Figaro Salon.

We are doing Best Purple Balayage Highlights 

Call us at 1-416-913-6533 today to get your Purple Balayage done in Toronto at leading Hair Salon!
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I asked for a rose gold balayage with ton of dimension and that is what i got! I am so happy with my new hair color 🙂 Lina (i believe that was her name; very tall and long hair) was so patient. A lot of sectioning, blending and a lot of product for sure goes a long way. She always asked if i was Okay and offered me something to drink. My hair actually looks longer after leaving this salon 🙂 and most importantly looks and feels healthy. It was pricey but i am super stoked to rock this and will def return for more crazy hair colors 🙂

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I trust only this salon with my hair. Their balayage is exceptional with competitive prices!

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Fantastic first experience at Figaro! These ladies are so knowledgeable, professional and they use and sells online quality products. They turned my frizzy, dried mop and turned it into a rose gold masterpiece! Thank you, Michelle and Elena! You were both masters of your craft and I will definitely return.

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I went to Figaro a few weeks ago for a cut and balayage. I had already had balayage done that was growing out, and wanted more colour to help blend it with my natural colour. I had originally asked for highlights but they knew what I was looking for and suggested balayage instead, for a more gradual look which turned out exactly as I'd hoped! They had also made another suggestion for my haircut so that I would get everything I wanted out of my new hair. It turned out beautifully. Not only was everyone very friendly, but I really appreciate how professional and skilled they are, where they can make great suggestions to offer you the most out of your new look! Thank you!

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Excellent service! I went in for a trim and color treatment, and left with a wonderfully layered cut and balayage highlights! I was pleased with the care taken by staff, especially with Amandine, who treated and styled my hair, and also with the owner, who encouragingly checked in. Both women had a very pleasant disposition! Thank you very much for your time and talent 🙂

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Lina is so funny and talented. I did a balayage with her this summer, unlike other places you don't get any damage or dry feeling following the dye. I really enjoyed her service and will return to go even lighter 🙂

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I was long overdue for a hair cut and color but was procrastinating to go as other salons couldn't provide me with a convenient time.

Prior to the booking I had a hair cut consultation with the owner of the Salon Lena who answered all my questions and provided the best suggestions for the hair coloring and booked my appointment right the next day. I had a wonderful hair cut and Balayage coloring done at Figaro Hair Salon on May 5. Lina was the hair dresser who did a fantastic job! The haircut is very manageable and exactly what I needed. The coloring was done to perfection with the shades I wanted ( ...and I am very picky ). I waited for three weeks to post an honest review as I wanted to see how my hair would 'behave' and I am very thrilled about the final results. Thank you to the team at Figaro hair salon who made my hair look amazing and manageable. I highly recommend.

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This place has been nothing but pleasant! I have had excellent service from not only my stylist himself, but also the others involved. I gpt my hair dyed a new colour (ombre balayage) and the result has exceeded my expectations. It took roughly 2 hours give or take to get the style done and it was worth the wait. I arrived an hour early for my appointment and only had about 8 mins of waiting time. I was able to get it done earlier. Great service! Excellent!

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I've waited for 6 months, and so now I can base my review on several visits. First, if your hair is a disaster, whether from a single catastrophic encounter at someone else's hands or from a series of not-so-great decisions (which was my case), then you get yourself over to Figaro and their expert hands, and he will perform a miracle of colour correction and balayage of near biblical proportions so that you and everyone else will be amazed at your fab hair. Then you keep going back, appointment after appointment, because you will find yourself addicted to the experience of consistently excellent cuts and colour. You may start to wonder why you have been doing anything other than this your whole adult life. At Figaro, the staff is expert and warm, and I really appreciate the atmosphere, which is welcoming and not at all pretentious. 5 stars without hesitation!

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Today, I had my hair done at Figaro Hair Salon by Lina and Elena. Lina is a professional hair stylist did a very good job by doing balayage and laminate for my hair. About a month ago, I've had a bad experience at another place where my hair colour end up completely wrong. So, I went to see Elena ( Art director) at Figaro Salon and asked her to fix the mistake. Elena took very professional approach advising it to be done in a few steps avoiding damagiing my hair. Elena and Lina work as a team. Elena has a very good esthetic taste and can give unique professional advice. I am very happy with the result.

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I went to this salon over the weekend for balayge hair colour. Even though I had walked in with unrealistic expectations, Lina and the owner listened and walked me through the process and pricing and suggested an approach that would suit my damaged hair. Lina is an absolute perfectionist and took her time and didn't rush through the process ensuring my hair was not being overprocessed and even stayed past their closing time to finish and style. My hair turned out way better than I expected, blended beautifully with a gorgeous tone of blond. I'll definitely be back in the future and recommend this salon to anyone looking to get hair done in a professional and friendly atmosphere with experienced staff!! Thanks again Lina for my gorgeous hair!! 🙌👩

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I have been to this salon a few times and have always had a good experience. Great people, friendly atmosphere and wonderful service [not to mention the fantastic coffee and treats :)]. Today I had my brown roots and blonde highlights done by Lina. I have been experiencing some hair health issues lately and Lina was so considerate, gentle and reassurring. I received beautiful platinum blonde highlights without any damage. It turned out exactly as the picture I showed. The cut was perfect, as was the style. It has been a while since I've been this pleased with my hair and how my hair was dealt with. Thank you Lina ... you are an absolute sweetheart and I am very pleased and happy with my hair!

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I went to Figaro hair salon to achieve the perfect blonde/balayage.

I went in with extremely damaged brassy hair and the hairdresser Tamara spent 6+ hours on my hair to rejuvenate it and give me the best style and color.

Tamara knows exactly what she is doing and she is so professional, kind, and honest. OBSESSED with my new hair. I also love so much their entire team, they are so welcoming and honest and care so much for their client's hair. I will 100% return to them!

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Impeccable customer service from Elena and staff!
Experienced stylists

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I am a new resident to Toronto and was having a tough time choosing a salon. When I called into Figaro, Elena was incredibly helpful in matching me to a great stylist for my proposed cut/color, Michelle. Michelle took extra time, care, and patience with me as I was doing a very dramatic color change from light to dark which I was having some anxiety about. I was given a full consultation in-salon before anything occurred, and both Elena and Michelle walked me through the numerous coloring options to make the best choice (we ended up with a “reverse balayage” instead of a semi-permanent dye which turned out AWESOME). I was in the salon for over 3 hours and felt totally taken care of and confident with Michelle handling my hair, something I am really particular with after modeling and using the same stylist for many years. Even though we went over my appointment time, Michelle did not try to rush me out but *still* cut and styled my hair as she knew I was going downtown to an event. She was so great, personable, and really listened to what I wanted while offering excellent suggestions and providing great company for my long appointment. 5/5 - would recommend Michelle and this salon to anyone!
Expert colouring · Experienced stylists · Beautiful results · Beautiful balayage · Free consultation

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