Japanese hair Straightening Service

Japanese hair straightening is a method of straightening hair that originated in Japan and is also known as thermal reconditioning. It helps wavy or curly hair transform into manageable pin straight, sleek and shiny.

This service uses a combination of chemicals and heat to get the desired effect.
The treatment is called permanent as it cannot be reversed. After need to be repeated or grown out.


How long does the treatment last?

We would recommend to repeat service after six month, although it depends on condition of your hair before treatment and type of your natural hair.

How does the process work?

The procedure is to saturate the hair with the solution which breaks down the natural hair bonds. Figaro salon stylist will ensure that the solution is carefully applied through the lengths of the hair strands and left to work in to the hair. It will then be carefully and fully rinsed out, dried with a hair dryer and straightened carefully and meticulously with ceramic straightening irons.
A neutralizer is added to finish and hold the treatment in place. It can take up to six hours on the first visit and up to four hours for touch ups ( re grown ), depending on your hair length.

How to care at home after salon visit?

After salon procedures are over, the after-care is hugely important. You have to be very careful with the condition of your hair. It will be fragile for some time. For the three days following the treatment, do not wash the hair, apply any heat or style it. Avoid putting it into a ponytail or braid for at least three days while the hair is setting in place.

Once you leave the salon, it continues to set and the first few days are crucial. The results can be fantastic and stay for six months without any waves or kinks which is ideal for those of you who have dreamed about straight hair.

Once you’ve had the treatment you can keep your straightening and curling irons away for a while as the hair does not need straightening and will not take curls. It is very low maintenance on a daily basis, which is perfect if you are prone to wanting a few extra minutes in bed and rushing to leave the house in the morning or before heading out for the evening!

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