Hot scissors hair cutting service

When cutting hair with thermal scissors you have the ends of your hair perfectly sealed. It is a time consuming procedure to seal every single strand of hair. Thus, the hair is largely transformed into its original state.

This means that important body moisture and care substances are preserved, and split ends are avoided, your hair is effectively protected from environmental pressure.

After the first haircut the entire structure of your hair is improved! You can see and feel that your hair has more volume, shines more, bounces, and is elastic. Your hair will be easier to care for.
The thermo scissors comes with temperature selection. Please let us know if your hairs were recently exposed to any treatments before appointment.

Who should use the Hot Shears cut?

We would recommend using hot shears service for clients who have long hair, because thermo scissors help restore the health of damaged hair ends by using heat to seal them. This is important for continued hair growth, because damaged hair stops or slows the natural growth process.
The heated blade gives a clean cut on hair and seals the cuticle (membrane), eliminating split ends and frizz. Hot shears also emit negative ions, and radiate far-infrared heat, which helps hair.

What do you charge for a thermal cut?

In general, it is $ 95.00 and up, as that is a time-consuming technique and it takes up to one hour to seal every single strand of your hair. Our award wining hair team provides only perfect hair services! Don’t believe us? Click here to check the testimonials page.
To ensure we can give you our full attention, please call 1-416-913-6533 to book a free consultation appointment with our stylist to discuss your options.


Figaro is an amazing hair salon! Elena is wonderful and makes you feel so incredibly welcome your first visit there. My stylist Amandine is very talented and wish I had discovered her sooner!

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Awesome! Wasn't sure what I was going for, and they managed to blow my mind!!! This is the only place I will ever trust my hair again. Thank you girls you are awesome!!!

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Haircut of my dreeeams thanks to the Amazing caring professional people with a priceless magic touch, brilliant attentive advice and a charming fun super pampered environment!

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Professional hair dresser establishment with the exposure of awards winning service.

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I've waited for 6 months, and so now I can base my review on several visits. First, if your hair is a disaster, whether from a single catastrophic encounter at someone else's hands or from a series of not-so-great decisions (which was my case), then you get yourself over to Figaro and their expert hands, and he will perform a miracle of colour correction and balayage of near biblical proportions so that you and everyone else will be amazed at your fab hair. Then you keep going back, appointment after appointment, because you will find yourself addicted to the experience of consistently excellent cuts and colour. You may start to wonder why you have been doing anything other than this your whole adult life. At Figaro, the staff is expert and warm, and I really appreciate the atmosphere, which is welcoming and not at all pretentious. 5 stars without hesitation!

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Very helpful staff, instantly helped me choose from a vague idea that I had and mold it into great looking hair, gave useful and insightful tips for personal hair care and products. Would definitely recommend anyone who needs a little direction in the hair department!

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Love my hair. Beautiful little studio. I found my go to salon.

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Everyone's been super nice to me here, and it tends to be very person-oriented experience; the coffee is also always a nice touch. The team is very open, honest, and realistic about what they'll be able to accomplish given the situation, preferring to approach harsh treatments in a cautious conservative manner to lessen the chance of any adverse effects/risks.

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